• We have i-Learn methodology which is Activity based CBSE Syllabus.
  • Medium of Instruction – English.
  • Our integrated curriculum is designed with multi colored

And evaluation supports provided to teachers through lesson plans, orientation programs.

  • It covers all the main subjects from primary to Grade 5 including the regional language, Hindi and Arabic.
  • Phonic method of reading enables the child to learn the sounds of letters and put them together to read. Once they start reading, they develop the confidence to read and learn any subject independently.
  • We focus on language development by practicing listening and speaking skills through role play, theatre, story time, and reading program. They are also equipped with reading and writing skills through stories and comprehension passages.


We provide State board syllabus from the Grade 9 to 10.  The extensive coaching is given to individual students to score higher marks. Along with that we provide Competitive Exam Training such as NEET, JEE, IIT, GATE, CAT where students can get through the competitive exams as the choice of their subject in future. 


The curriculum adheres to the national curriculum framework (NCF) and is formulated with scholastic and Co scholastic activities that nurture multiple intelligences in every student.


We also provide separate computer science course includes soft skills from grade 5 and general knowledge from grade 1 to grade 5.
The grade 4 course is completely student friendly and has graded introduction of concepts for effective learning.
Blooms Taxonomy of RUAH (Remembering- Understanding- Application- Higher order thinking) and LSRW (Listening – Speaking Reading Writing) skills are effectively in curriculum design.
This course (19 books) consists of two Course books, two activity books (with supporting material) and two work books, each for English mathematics and EVS.

The Art Zone

The art zone with supporting material encompasses the creative and imaginative aspects of all the subjects. Abundant efforts are made to improve the student's skills and bring about a Holistic development.

Admission Available for spring session 2022

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