Students with good Academic scale will be taken for memorizing Al quran& to become Hafiz from the age of 7. They will be completing Al quran by 3 to 4 years.

Our Hifz class, dedicated to the memorisation of the noble Quran, employs the traditional style of committing surahs to memory until the pupil has memorised the whole Quran. We have a teacher with years of experience under whose tutelage pupils will become Hafizh Insha Allah. As of yet, we have had 5 Hafizh, Alhamdulillah since opening in 2017. In addition to this, the teacher has excellent qira’at and is knowledgeable in the proper methods of Tajweed, and therefore children learn to recite with the correct pronounciation and give each letter it’s right.

InshaAllah , we have an effective routine and statistic plans in place to help our pupils in order for them to achieve their potential and become a Hafizh.

State Level Competitions

We have trained student to recite Al Quran with Tajweed winning state level competitions. We have 25 students getting trained as Hafiz e Quran. In first batch 13 students had been completed memorizing Quran. Alhamdullah ,We have 3 hafizh students who have completed entire Quran at the age of 8.

Throughout Muslim history there have been notable Muslim women who excelled in their fields of knowledge, beginning with Aisha bintAbuBakr who narrated over 2,000 hadith. They include such notable figures as Rabi’ahBintMu’awwad, a great scholar of law in Medina, Umm ‘Atiyyah, who taught male scholars Islamic law, and A’ishabintSa’dibnAbiWaqqas who had many famous male scholars as her pupils.

Our Success Story

Hafizh. A.Abdhur Rahmaan,
S/O Muhammad Gows, Memorized Al Quran in 16 months at the age of 9

Hafiza.Heba Afsheen ,
D/O Mohamed Kiyasudheen, Memorized entire Quran in 20 months at the age of 10.

Hafiza.Heba Tasnim,
D/O Moulana Asad & Ali Fathima, studying Grade 6, memorized Quran at the age of 11.

Our Hafizh Gallery

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