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Hafiz. J. Syed Mohamed, Correspondent - Olive Islamic International Group., - Chairman - Dheen Educational & Charitable Trust

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We focus on the practical aspects of Islam, which develops a student to become a prospective A’lim/ Hafiz, capable for finding solutions for the contemporary problems in the daily life of a Muslim.

Our curriculum is modern, well devised and tailored. We review our curriculum on a regular basis to ensure that it remains up to date and meets the current programme of studies as well as the needs of our students.

Our Hifz department provide quality lessons to memorise the Holy Qur’an, in addition to their regular subjects. Our boarding is modern and well equipped. It provides outstanding care and supervision within a homely environment. Our ethos is that all students should ‘fly high’ not only as a good Muslim, but also as a proud Indian Citizen.

About us



Olive Islamic International School is managed by Dheen educational & charitable trust which was formed by Hafiz .J .Syed Mohamed in remembrance of his Father late Mr.A.Jalaludeen. Olive Islamic Group started with the intention to prepare students for Akhira.


Why Us

Our Goals

Is to provide excellent academic programs, activities and services to the children in our community to promote scholastic, personal, spiritual and social skills based on Islamic Ideals as decreed by Allah in the Quran and by the teachings of our beloved prophet (saws).To bring the students with right Islamic knowledge to enter Jannnah. May Allah guide us to the right path towards Akhira.

Our History

Since 2015, the Olive Islamic School has been educating students from around the area with a focus on inculcating in them love of Allah.

At Present

Alhamdullah…. Now we have more than 800 students And the school is recognized by Govt of Tamil Nadu. And our Medium of Instruction is English.


The core purpose of the trust is to provide holistic quality education to the students of the future generation which stepping towards Akhira.

Success Story

Islam encourages both men and women to learn and seek knowledge – according to one prophetic tradition, from the cradle to the grave. According to another tradition, “seeking knowledge is a duty of every Muslim.”

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